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In which I gratefully play in the sandboxes of others and try not to repeat myself. Feel free to stop by my livejournal.

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    Warning policy: Most of what I write contains canon-level angst, none of it sexual in nature, so I don't generally feel a need for explicit warnings on individual stories. I do warn for character death, torture, and young child abuse.

    All stories are gen unless otherwise noted.

    Newer TS fics:

      NEW! The Sentinel. Thunderstorms weren't common in Cascade, but they weren't exactly unheard of. So why, Jim wondered, had this one woken him up? (TS, PG (language), 5K, 02/10/10)

      NOT SO NEW! Keeping Up With Jim. A missing scene from Murder 101, which really needed a bit of smarm. (TS, PG (language and violence), 12K, 11/24/09)

      NOT SO NEW! The Other Side. A companion story to From the Rather Orderly Files of Mr. William T. Ellison. (TS, PG (language), 31K, 11/24/09)

      NOT SO NEW! Water's Not Fine. Set immediately after S2P2. Jim tried the water, and there was nothing fine about it. (TS, PG, 10K, 05/25/09)

      NOT SO NEW! From the Rather Orderly Files of Mr. William T. Ellison. Bill has houseguests. A sequel to Tumble. (TS, PG, 37K, 05/25/09)

    New SGU fics (yes, I love this show!) :

      NEW! Secrets. Matt's thoughts during the shuttle scee in 1x09 Life. (SGU, PG-13 (language), 4K, 02/10/109)

      NOT SO NEW! Four People Nicholas Rush Found Himself Cheering Up (And One He Didn't). A 1x08 Time post-episode fic. (SGU, PG-13 (language), 9K, 11/22/09)

      NOT SO NEW! So, What'd I Miss? Ron, Matt, and Eli chat after 1x07 Earth. (SGU, PG (language), 4K, 11/22/09)

      NOT SO NEW! Over Gruel. Chloe and Eli eat breakfast after 1x06 Water. (SGU, PG (language), 3K, 11/24/09)

      NOT SO NEW! Old Arthur Clarke Was Seldom Wrong. To Nicholas Rush, everything seems oddly familiar. Set during 1x05 Light. (SGU, G, 6K, 11/24/09)

      NOT SO NEW! Awakening. A bit of Nicholas Rush POV from 1x04 Darkness. (SGU, PG (language), 3K, 11/24/09)

      NOT SO NEW! Orders. It was actually pretty interesting stuff, this human behavior in extremis. Spoilers for 1x03 Air III. (SGU, PG (in-episode violence), 2K, 11/24/09)

      I'm trying to write stories for every episode of SGU: http://community.livejournal.com/sg_universe_fic/tag/author:%20wneleh.

    Newer SGA fics:

      NEW! Rescue. They get John back. (PG-13 for violence, 28K, 02/10/10)

      NEW! Math Anxiety. During crises at the SGC, Rodney had at least had the ability to open a frigging Matlab window. Set during Rising, Part 2. (PG for language, 9K, 02/10/10)

      NEW! Jennifer's Conclusion. Yikes, I've shipped Jennifer and Ronon! Takes place right after 5x02 The Seed. (G, 9K, 02/10/10)

      NEW! Strong. During 5x01 Search and Rescue, Ronon knows it's good to be strong. (G, 5K, 02/10/10)

      NOT SO NEW! Not Starsky. Set during 5x03 Broken Ties. John's not Starsky, but that's okay because Ronon's not Hutch. (R for themes including remembered homophobia, 5K, 11/22/09)

      NOT SO NEW! While Waiting on the Gate. A missing scene from 5x06 The Shrine. (SGA, G, 9K, 11/22/09)

      I wrote stories for most of SGA's final season: http://community.livejournal.com/sga_episodefic/tag/a:wneleh.

    Turns out, I've been a T. E. Lawrence fan for decades and simply hadn't noticed. A Yuletide Madness prompt got me to write:

      NEW! Ali of Finghington Bluff. Almost a decade after the revolt, Ali finds himself in need of reinvention. WARNING: contains discussion of (canonical) sexual assault. (LA, PG-13, 11K, 02/10/10)

    Iron Man ate my brain for about a month, and resulted in:

      Reason. Tony Stark is having a rough night, and decides to share it with Rhodey because he's generous that way. (IM, PG-13, 19K, 11/02/08)

    Star Trek:Reboot rekindled my Trek love, and resulted in:

      More Than Just the Planet. At the end of the longest day of his life, Jim Kirk has one more surprise in store. (ST:Reboot, PG (language), 6K, 11/22/09)

    The rest, by fandom:

      Lots of Sentinel stories and story-like things

      Stargate: Atlantis stories

      Magnificent Seven stories

      A smattering of Due South-related pieces

      "Summer of 1999" series (The Sentinel/SG-1 Crossover)

      Fanfic fanfic

    All feedback welcomed, really! I've been dissed by experts. helenw@murphnet.org.

      Disclaimers: "The Sentinel" (TS) is the property of Pet Fly Productions, UPN, Paramount, and who knows who else. "Star Trek" (ST) belongs Paramount. "Stargate SG-1" (SG-1), "Stargate Universe" (SGU), and "Stargate Atlantis" (SGA) are the property of Stargate SG-1 Productions (II) Inc., MGM Worldwide Television Productions Inc., Double Secret Productions, Gekko Film Corp and Showtime Networks Inc. "The Magnificent Seven" (M7) is the property of CBS, Trilogy and MGM. "Due South" (DS) is the property of Alliance/Atlantic. "Arthur" is the property of Marc Brown and PBS and others as well, I am sure. "Kim Possible" (KP) is owned by Disney, which has gotten far more money out of me than PBS, to which I actually belong; for The Mouse to sue me would be just plain silly. "Iron Man" (IM) is owned by Stan Lee, Marvel Entertainment, Marvel Comics, Larry Lieber, Don Heck, and Jack Kirby. Lots of people have an ownership interest in T.E. Lawrence and the way he and associates have been depicted; 'Sherif Ali' is essentially an invention of the forces behind Lawrence of Arabia (LofA).

    You are visitor number since Nov. 8, 2002. How do I know??

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