Weekend Ramble - For the Love of Tinkering

Nerds just want to have fun…

I’ve loved technology and gadgets since I was pretty young, and I’ve been fortunate to have been able to make a career in the field. And like many technologists, I like to tinker/hack/make/whatever with tech and gadgets outside of work.

And like many, I sometimes stare at a pile of components and think “Ok, NOW what?!?”.

Wether it be coding (I don’t consider myself a programmer, but do ok) or hardware projects, I would often get hung up trying to come up with the right project. Didn’t need to be something earth-shattering, but darn it I wanted to do something useful, even if it was just useful to me. And then I realized, no, projects don’t need to necessarily be useful, but should be interesting, and fun. Coding, tinkering, it can all be another form of play. And like any good form of play, it can stretch the mind while you’re having fun. So wether you like to cook, craft, work with electronics, whatever; here’s to the love of tinkering. Now go make something fun.

Written on May 6, 2018